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Resources for Middle Egyptian

A selection of resources to help you take the next step.

Welcome! I created this page in order to consolidate the many resources available to you for learning Middle Egyptian. Each of the books below are in my own collection and have served me well. So, it is my hope that you find these resources as valuable as I have. For the next step, I recommend that you select a grammar, either James Hoch’s or James Allen’s (you can’t go wrong with either), as well as Raymond Faulkner’s Dictionary of Middle Egyptian. These two books are all you need to learn Middle Egyptian.

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Language Resources

Middle Egyptian GrammarJames Hoch - Middle Egyptian Grammar

by James E. Hoch

(5/5 Stars –

The first grammar book I ever opened was James E. Hoch’s Middle Egyptian Grammar. It was the grammar used at my university, and as you can tell from the picture, it has been well-used. Although not all of the answers can be found in the back of the book, I highly recommend this grammar for its detailed explanations. I still refer to it when I have difficulties with participles and relatives. Check it out here on Amazon →

James Allen - Middle Egyptian GrammarMiddle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs

by James P. Allen

(4.4/5 Stars –

Allen’s grammar is currently used at my graduate school. After spending so much time working through Hoch’s grammar, I was hesitant to  work through Allen’s grammar since he introduces verb forms much later than Hoch. However, after spending a year working through Allen’s grammar, I have definitely come around to it. Allen’s grammar is complete with a sign list, answers to every exercise, and more examples than you could ask for. Check it out here on Amazon →

Raymond O Faulkner - Middle Egyptian DictionaryA Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

by Raymond O. Faulkner

(4.3/5 Stars –

Although there are a variety of Middle Egyptian grammars to pick from, there is only one easily accessible dictionary. Faulkner’s dictionary is the most essential book for you if you want to read Egyptian hieroglyphs.  You will find yourself flipping through this book constantly, especially when you are first learning the language. Check it out here →

A de Buck - Middle Egyptian ReadingbookEgyptian Readingbook: Exercises and Middle Egyptian Texts

by Adrien de Buck

Once you have been able to work through all of the lessons in your choice of grammar (or through the free lessons here), you should move on to complete texts. The best available book for this is the Egyptian Readingbook. It is used by both universities I went to and offers a significant amount of complete texts to work with. Check it out here on Amazon →

Middle Egyptian Grammar: Sign List

by James E. Hoch

This sign list is a supplement to Hoch’s grammar (really any grammar). It is always handy to have a separate sign list to refer to while you are learning hieroglyphs. You can also use the sign list available here or subscribe to our newsletter and receive a PDF version. Check it out here on Amazon →

“Cheat Sheets”

This section contains “cheat” sheets–easily printable resources. Just right click and save the image. You can also embed the image on your own site using the code below the image.

The Hieroglyphic Alphabet of Ancient Egypt

Hieroglyphics Alphabet

Copy & Paste the following code to embed on your own website.

<img src=”×791.png” width=”1024″ height=”791″ border=”0″ alt=”Hieroglyphics Alphabet” /><div>Learn how to read<a href=””>Egyptian hieroglyphs</a> for free!</div>


iPhone/iPad Apps

Aaou Hieroglyphic Dictionary

Aaou is a hieroglyphic dictionary app created by Jean-Francois Dumon for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the Ipad. The current version (1.8.0) comes with over 21,000 words and is packed with a ton of features. Check out the blog post I created which explains how the app works: Aaou Hieroglyphic Dictionary App: A Smart Alternative to Faulkner’s Middle Egyptian Dictionary. iPhone version – $9.99 iPad version – $18.99

Misc. Resources

JSesh Hieroglyphic Editor

by Serge Rosmorduc

JSesh is by far one the best tool for creating hieroglyphs. It is the only program I use to create hieroglyphs and is the hieroglyphic font I use throughout this site. It is very user friendly, and incredibly powerful. I highly recommend it, and if you’re interested in learning how to use it, check out the guide I created here.