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Free Middle Egyptian Lessons

I believe information should be easily accessible and reliable. I created this site with that in mind. These lessons will allow you to familiarize yourself with the hieroglyphic writing system of Middle Egyptian and teach you how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Essential Learning Tools

There are numerous amounts of resources for learning how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs. However, these resources remain untapped by many simply because they are unaware of them. So, I’ve created a small list of tools I have used myself in hopes that they help others too.


Our blog is where we share our tutorials, tips, and tricks for learning Middle Egyptian. These articles cover a wide range of topics and are meant to enrich your experience with our website. If you’re interested in Egyptology, this blog will give you insight into a graduate Egyptology student’s mind.

Complete Gardiner’s Sign List

There are a ton of hieroglyphic signs in this writing system. It’s exhausting. I always had difficulty finding what certain signs meant went I first began learning Middle Egyptian, and only had a makeshift worksheet to guide me. Use our complete sign list to help guide you through.

Ancient Egypt Discussion Forum

Learning Middle Egyptian is hard. I know that. However, you don’t have to struggle through it by yourself. In our discussion forum, you will find all the help you need. You will be able to connect not only with beginners, but with actual Egyptologists.

Bibliography and Links

If your interested in learning about a specific topic with Ancient Egypt, then you should check out our bibliography. We offer 20 different topics for your perusal. In addition to the bibliography, I’ve compiled a small list of websites I found interesting or helpful about Egyptology.

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