Y. Writings, Games, Music

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph Details
Y1 Papyrus scroll Phono. m3t. Ideo. in m3t “paypyrus roll, book.” Det. in r “know.”
Y1v Papyrus scroll (vertical) Use as Y1
Y2 Var. of Y1 Use as Y1
Y3 Scribal kit Det. or Ideo. in sš “write,” nʿʿsmooth.”
Y4 Y4 reversed Use as Y3
Y5 Game board Phono. mn. In imn “Amun” mn “remain.”
Y6 Game piece Det. or Ideo. in ib3 “game piece,” “dance.”
Y7 Harp Det. in bnt “harp.”
Y8 Sistrum Det. in sššt “sistrum.”

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