T. Warfare, Hunting, Butchery

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph


T1 Angular headed mace Phono. mn. In mnw “mace.”
T2 T3 tilted Det. in sqr, sqri “smite.”
T3 Pear shaped mace Phono. . In “mace,” “white, bright,” ḏi “damage.”
T4 Var of T3 Use as T3
T5 Combination of T3 + I10 Phono. ḏ.
T6 Combination of T5 + extra I10 Phono. ḏ.
T7 Axe Det. in mibt, minb “axe,” md “hew.”
T7a Axe Det. of 3qw “axe.”
T8 Dagger Phono. tp. In tpy “first, chief, upon.”
T8a Dagger Det. in b3gsw “dagger.”
T9 Bow Phono. pd/pḏ, in pd “stretch,” pḏt “bow.”
T9a Var of T9 Use as T9
T10 Composite bow Use as T9
T11 Arrow Phono. swn. In swn “perish,” swnt “physician.”
T12 Bowstring Phono. rwd/rw. In rwd “hard, firm.” Ideo. in d3r “subdue.”
T13 Wood tied together Phono. rs. In rs “wakeful.”
T14 Throw stick Det. of “foreign.” Ideo. in ʿ3m “Asiatics,” nw “Libya.” Det. in qm3 “create,” qm3i “create.”
T15 Var. of T14 Use as T14
T16 Scimitar Det. in pš “scimitar.”
T17 Chariot Det. or Ideo. in wrrt “chariot.”
T18 Crook with package Phono. šms. In šms “follow, accompany.”
T19 Bone harpoon head Phono. qs. In qs “annoy,” krs “bury.” Det. in twr “pure.”
T20 Var. of T19 Use as T19
T21 Harpoon Phono. in wʿ. In wʿ “one.”
T22 Arrowhead Phono. sn. In sn “brother, sn “smell.”
T23 Var. of T22 Use as T22
T24 Fishing net Phono. ʿ/i . In i“net.”
T25 Reed Float Phono. db3/b3. In b3 “adorn,” db3 “replace.”
T26 Bird Trap Det. or Ideo. in st “trap, snare.”
T27 Var. of T26 Use as T26
T28 Butcher’s block Phono. r. In r “under,” rt “portion.”
T29 Combination of T28 + T30 Ideo. in nmt “place of slaughter.”
T30 Knife Ideo. for dmt “knife.” Det. in dm “be sharp.”
T31 Knife sharpener Phono sšm. In sšm “guide, lead.”
T32 Combination of T31 + D54 Phono sšm. In sšm “guide, lead.”
T33 Butcher’s knife sharpener Ideo. in sšm “butcher.”
T34 Butcher’s knife Phono. nm. In nm “knife,” nms “friend.”
T35 Var. of T34 Use as T34

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