W. Vessels of Stone and Earthenware

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph


W1 Oil jar Det. in mt “ointment,” mrt “oil.”
W2 Oil jar without ties Phono. b3s. In b3stt “Bastet,” b3s “oil jar.”
W3 Alabaster basin Det. or Ideo. in b “feast,” b “mourn.”
W4 Combination of W3 + O22 Det. or Ideo. in b “feast,” tp-rnpt “feat of the first of the year.”
W5 Combination of W3 + T28 Ideo in ry-bt “lector priest.”
W6 Vessel Det. in wt “cauldron.”
W7 Granite bowl Det. in 3bt “family,” m3“proclaim.”
W8 Var. of W7 Use as W7.
W9 Stone jug Phono. nm.
W10 Cup Phono. nw. In nwt “mistress.” Det. or Ideo. in ws “wide.”
W10a Pot Phono. b3.
W11 Ring stand Phono. g. Det. or Ideo. in nst “throne.”
W12 Ring stand Use as W11.
W13 Pot Det. or Ideo. in dšrt “red pot.”
W14 Tall jar Phono. s. In st “water jar.”
W15 Tall jar with water Det. or Ideo. in qbb, qb “cool, water.”
W16 Combination of W15 + W12 Use as W15.
W17 Tall jars in rack. Phono. nt. In ntw “jar rack.”
W18 Var. W17 Use as W17
W19 Milk jug Phono. mi. In mi “likeness.”
W20 Milk jug with leaf Det. in irtt “milk.”
W21 Wine jars Det. in irp “wine.”
W22 Beer jugs Ideo. in nqt “beer.” Det. in qrt “vessel.”
W23 Jug with handles Use as W22.
W24 Bowl Phono. nw, in, ink.
W25 Combination of W24 + legs Phono. in. In ini “fetch, bring.”

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