M. Trees and Plants

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph




Phono. im3. Det. nhwt, mnw “trees.”
M2 Plant Phono. n. In ḥni “rush,” ḥnw “vessel.” Det. in is “tomb.”
M3 Branch Phono. t. In ḫt “wood,” ḫtyw “terrace,” nḫt “strong.”
M4 Stripped palm branch Ideo. in rnpt “year,” sbt “regnal year.” Det. in tr “time.”
M5 Combination of M4 + X1 Det. or Ideo. in tr “time, season.”
M6 Combination of M4 + D21 Det. or Ideo. in tr “time, season.”
M7 Combination of M4 + Q3 Det. or Ideo. in rnpi “young.”
M8 Pool with lilies Phono š3. In š3 “marsh.” Ideo. 3t “Inundation” (season).
M9 Lily Det. or Ideo in sšn “lily.”
M10 Lily bud Det. in nbt “lily bud.”
M11 Flower and stem Det. or Ideo. in wdn “offer.”
M12 Lily plant Phono. 3. In ḫ3w nw sšn “lily plants” 3 “1,000,” s3 “remember.”
M13 Papyrus stem Phono. w3ḏ, wḏ.
M14 Combination of M13 and I10 Phono. w3ḏ. In w3ḏ wr “the sea.”
M15 Papyrus clump with downward facing buds. Phono. 3ḫ. In 3ḫ-bit “Chemmis.” Det. of Papyrus.
M16 Papyrus clump Phono. ḥ3 . In ḥ3q “capture.” Det. in “The Delta.”
M17 Reed leaf Phono. i. Phono. y, when doubled.
M18 Combination of M17 + D54 Phono i. In ii “come.”
M19 Conical cakes between signs M17 and U36 Det. and Ideo. in ʿ3bt “offering.”
M20 Reed field Det. sḫt “marshland,” sm “occupation.”
M21 Reed field with root Det. in sm “plant,” “help.”
M22 Rush with shoots Phono. nḫb . Phono. nn, when doubled. In nḫbt “germination,” “Nehkbet.”
M23 Sedge Phono. sw. Ideo. nswt “king.”
M24 Combination of M23 + D21 Ideo. rsw “south.”
M25 Combination of M26 + M24 Use as M24.
M26 Sedge Phono. šmʿ. Ideo. šmʿw in “Upper Egypt.”
M27 Combination of  M26 + D36 Phono. šmʿ.
M28 Combination of M26 + V20 Ideo. in title wr mw šmʿw “Greatest of the tens of Upper Egypt.”
M29 Pod Phono. nḏm. In nḏm “sweet.
M30 Root Det. or Ideo. bnr “sweet.”
M31 Rhizome Det. in rd “grow.”
M32 Var of M31 Use as M31
M33 Grain Ideo. in it “barley, corn.”
M34 Emmer sheaf Det. or Ideo. in bti “emmer.”
M35 Grain heap Det. in ʿʿw “heaps.”
M36 Flax bundle Phono. ḏr. In ḏr “since,” nḏri “hold fast.”
M37 Flax bundle with stems Phono. ḏr.
M38 Flax bundle Det. in mʿ “flax,” dm3 “bind together.”
M39 Basket of fruit or grain Det. in rnpt “vegetables.”
M40 Reed bundle Phono is. In is “tomb,” iswt “crew.”
M41 Wood log Det. in ʿš “cedar.”
M42 Flower Phono. wn. In wnm “eat,” wn “be young.”
M43 Grape vines on props Det. or Ideo. in irp “wine.”
M44 Thorn Det. spd “sharp.”

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