R. Temple Furniture and Sacred Emblems

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph


R1 Table with jug and loaves Det. or Ideo. in ḫ3t, ḫ3wt “offering table.”
R2 Table with bread slices Use as R1.
R3 Low table with Jug and loaves Det. or Ideo. in ww “offering table.”
R4 Bread loaf on mat Phono. tp. In ḥtp “altar, rest, be pleased.”
R5 Censer Det. or Ideo. in k3p “fumigate.”
R6 Var. of R5 Use as R5
R7 Incense bowl Det. or Ideo. in sntr “incense.”
R8 Flag Phono. nr. In nṯr “god.”
R9 Combination of R8 + V33 Det. or Ideo. in bd “incense.”
R10 Combination of R8 + T28 + N29 Ideo. in rt-nṯr “necropolis.”
R11 Reed column Phono. d. In ḏd “stable,” ḏdw “Busiris.”
R12 Standard Det. in i3t “standard.”
R13 Combination of G5 + R14 Ideo. in imnt “West,” wnmi “right.”
R14 Var of R13 Ideo. in imnt “West,”wnmi “right.”
R15 Spear as standard Ideo. in i3bt East,” i3by “left.”
R16 Scepter with feathers Det. or Ideo in w“Qus emblem.”
R17 Feathered wig with pole Det. or Ideo. in t3-wr “This,” “nome of Abydos.”
R18 Var. of R17 Use as R17
R19 Combination of S40 + feather Det. in w3st “Thebes.”
R20 Seshat emblem Ideo. in sšt “Seshat.”
R21 Var. of R20 Use as R20.
R22 Min emblem Phono. m. In m “shrine.” With standard, Ideo in mnw “Min.”
R23 Var. of R22 Use as R22
R24 Neith emblem Det. in nit “Neith.”
R25 Var. of R24 Use as R24.

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