Z. Strokes

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph


Z1 Stroke Follows Ideograms. Det. wʿ “one.” Ideo. numerals 1-9.
Z2 Triple stroke Det. of plurality.
Z3 Three Z1 vertical strokes Same as Z2.
Z3a Z2 vertical Same as Z2.
Z4 Two diagonal strokes Det. Duality
Z4a Two vertical strokes Det. Duality.
Z5 Diagonal stroke in hieratic Replacement for complex or dangerous signs, human figures.
Z6 Hieratic var. of A13 and A14 Det. in m(w)t “die”
Z7 From hieratic var. of G43. Phono. w.
Z8 Oval Det. of round.
Z9 Crossed sticks Phono. sw3. In sw3 “pass.”
Z10 Var. of Z9 Use as Z9.
Z11 Crossed planks Phono. im. In imy “who is in.”

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