N. Sky, Earth, Water

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph


N1 Sky Det. or Ideo. pt “sky,” rt “heaven,” ḥry “above.”
N2 Sky with broken S40 Det. or Ideo. gr “night.”
N3 Var. of N2 Use as N2.
N4 Sky with rain Det. or Ideo. šnyt “rain,” i3dt “dew.”
N5 Sun Ideo. rʿ “sun, Re” hrw day,” sw “day.”
N6 Sun with uraeus Det. or ideo in rʿ “sun, Re.”
N7 Combination of N5 + T28 Det. rt-hrw “daytime.”
N8 Sun with rays Phono. wbn. Det. or Ideo. 3w “sunshine,” ps “shine,” wbn “rise.”
N9 Moon Phono. psḏ. In psḏt “Ennead.”
N10 Var of N9 Use as N9.
N11 Crescent moon Ideo. 3bd “month.” Det. iʿ “moon.”
N12 Var. of N11 Det.iʿ “moon.”
N13 Combination of half of N11 and N14 Ideo. mdiwnt “half month festival.”
N14 Star Phono sb3, dw3. In sb3 “star,” dw3 “morning.” Ideo. wnwt “hour.”
N15 Star encircled Ideo. in dw3t “netherworld.”
N16 Flat land with grain Phono. t3. In t3 “land, earth.”Det. in t “eternity.”
N17 Var. of N16 Use as N16.
N18 Strip of sand Ideo. in iw “island.”
N19 Two strips of sand Ideo. in 3t “horizon,” rw-3ḫty “Horakhty.”
N20 Tongue of land Phono. wb. In wḏb “shore.” Det. in 3bsd “Sed Festival.”
N21 Tongue of land Ideo. in idb “bank,” idbwy “two banks.”
N22 Tongue of land Det. in ʿḥt “field,” sḫt “field.”
N23 Canal Det. in t3 “land,” i3š “boundary.”
N24 Irrigation canal system Det. or Ideo. in sp3t “nome.”
N25 Mountain rande Ideo. in 3st “foreign land, hill country.”
N26 Mountain Phono. w “mountain.”
N27 Sunrise over mountain Ideo. in 3ḫt “horizon.”
N28 Hill with sun rays Phono. ʿ. In ʿ “appear.”
N29 Sandy slope Phono. q.
N30 Hill with shrubs Det. or Ideo. in i3t “mound.”
N31 Road bordered by shrubs Det. and Ideo. in w3t “road.”
N32 Lump of clay, Var. Aa2 and F52. Det. in sin “clay.”
N33 Grain of sand Det. in nbw “gold.”
N34 Metal Ingot Ideo. in bi3, mt “copper.”
N35 Water ripple Phono. n.
N35a Three ripples Phono. mw. In mw “water.”
N36 Canal Phono. mr. In mr “canal.”
N37 Pool Phono. š. In š “pool.”
N38 Var. of N37 Use as N37.
N39 Var. of N37 Use as N37.
N40 Combination of N37 and D54 Phono. šm. In šm “to go.”
N41 Well with water Phono. m. In ḥmt “wife.” Det. in bi3 “copper.”
N42 Var. of N41 Use as N41.

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