F. Parts of Mammals

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyphs Details
F1 Head of ox Ideo. in offering formulas for k3 “cattle.”
F2 Head of charging ox Det. in ḏnd “rage.”
F3 Head of hippopotamus Phono. 3t. Det. or Ideo. in “moment, attack.”
F4 Forepart of lion Ideo. in 3t “front,”3ty “heart.”
F5 Head of bubalis Phon. šs3. Det. and Ideo. in šs3 “skilled” and “prayer.”
F6 Forepart of bubalis Use as F5
F7 Head of ram Det. in šft “ram’s head.” Det. or Ideo. in šfyt “worth, dignity.”
F8 Forepart of ram Use as F7
F9 Head of leopard Det. or Ideo. in pty “strength.”
F10 Head and neck of animal Det. in “throat,” ʿm “swallow.”
F11 O.K. form of F10 Use as F10
F12 Head and neck of jackal Phon. wsr. Ideo in wsrt “neck.” In wsr “powerful”
F13 Horns of ox Phon. wp. Ideo. in wpt “brow, beginning.”
F14 Combination of F13 and M4 Ideo. wpt-rnpt “Opening of the Year.”
F15 Combination of F14 and N5 Use as F14
F16 Horn Phono. ʿb. Det. or Ideo. in db “horn,” ʿb “horn.” In m-ʿb “together with.”
F17 Combination of F16 and D60 water vessel Det. or Ideo. inʿbw “purification.”
F18 Tusk of elephant Phono. b, ḥw. Det. and Ideo. in ib “tooth.” Det. in sb “cry.”
F19 Jawbone of ox Det. in ʿrt “jaw.”
F20 Tongue Phono. ns. In ns “tongue.” Ideo. in imy-r “overseer.”
F21 Ear of ox Phono. sm, idn. Det. or Ideo. in msḏr “ear. Ideo. sḏm, “hear.”

Hindquarters of leopard or lion Phono. pin “reach,” pḥty “strength.” Ideo. for pḥwy “end.”
F23 Foreleg of ox Det. or Ideo. in ḫpš “strong arm, leg.”
F24 Reverse of F23 Use as F23.
F25 Leg and hoof of ox Phono. wḥm in “hoof,” “repeat.”
F26 Goatskin Phono. ẖn. In ẖnw “interior,” ẖn “approach.”
F27 Cowskin Det. in dḥr “hide,” msk3 “skin.”
F28 Var. of F27 Phono. s3b.
F29 Combination of F28 + arrow Phono. st. Det. and Ideo. sti “pierce, shoot.”
F30 Water skin Phono. šd. In šdi “draw forth,” šdw “water skin.”
F31 Three fox skins Phono. ms. In msi “give birth.”
F32 Animal belly and tail Phono. ẖ. Ideo. in ẖt “belly, body.”
F33 Tail Phono. sd. Det. and Ideo in sd “tail.”
F34 Heart Ideo. in ib “heart.” Det. of ” 3ty “heart.”
F35 Heart and windpipe Phono. nfr. In nfr “good, beautiful.”
F36 Lung and windpipe Phono. sm3. In sm3 “unite” and “lung.”
F37 Backbone and ribs Det. or Ideo. in i3t “back.” Det. in psd “back.”
F38 Var. of F37 Det. in psd “back.”
F39 Backbone and spinal cord Det. and Ideo. in im3 “spine” and “honor.”
F40 Backbone and spinal cord at each end Phono. 3w.
F41 Vertebrae Det. in psd “back.”
F42 Rib Phono. spr. In spr “approach.”
F43 Ribs Det. in spt “ribs.”
F44 Leg bone with meat Phono. iwʿ, isw. In iwʿ inherit,” siw “exchange.”
F45 Heifer uterus Det. or Ideo. in dit “vulva, cow.”
F46 Intestine Ideo. in q3b “instestine,” m-q3b “in the midst of” pr “turn.”
F47 Var. of F46 Use as F46.
F48 Var. of F46 Use as F46.
F49 Var. of F46 Use as F46.
F50 Combination of F46 and S29 Phono. spr, “write, copy.”
F51 Piece of flesh Phono. is, ist, ws. Det. ʿ “flesh,” iwf “meat.”
F52 Excrement Det. in ḥs “excrement.”

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