H. Parts of Birds

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph Details
H1 Head of duck Ideo. in 3pd “bird.” Det. in wšn “wring the neck of birds.”
H2 Head of crested bird Phono. m3ʿ, wšm, p3q. Det. in m3ʿ “temple of the head,” “true.”
H3 Head of spoonbill Phono. p3q.
H4 Head of vulture Phono. nr. Det. in nrt “vulture.”
H5 Wing Det. in ḏn “wing.”
H6 Feather Phono. šw. Ideo. in šwt “feather.” Det. and Ideo. in m3ʿt “truth.”
H7 Claw Phono. š3, š3t. In š3t “Shat” (location).
H8 Egg Ideo. in s3 “son.” Det. swt “egg.”

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