X. Loaves and Cakes

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph Details
X1 Small bread loaf Phono. t. Ideo. in t “bread.”
X2 Tall bread loaf Det. of bread. In t “bread.” Ideo. in dwty “Thoth.”
X3 Var. of X2 Use as X2
X4 Bread roll Det. in sni “pass by,” fq3 “cake.”
X5 Var. of X4 Det. in ʿqw “provisions.”
X6 Round loaf with baker’s mark Det. in p3t “loaf.”
X7 Half loaf of bread Det. in snw “offerings.” When doubled, wnm “eat.”
X8 Conical Loaf Phono. di. In rdi “give.”

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