S. Crowns, Dress, Staves, etc.

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph


S1 White crown of Upper Egypt Det. or Ideo. in t “white crown.”
S2 Combination of S1 + V30 Det. or Ideo. in t “white crown.”
S3 Red crown of Lower Egypt Phono. n. Det. or Ideo in dšrt “Red Crown.”
S4 Combination of S3 + V30 Use as S3.
S5 Combination of red and white crown Det. or Ideo. in smty “double crown.”
S6 Combination of S5 + V30 Use as S5.
S7 Blue Crown Det. or Ideo. in prš “blue crown.”
S8 Atef crown Det. or Ideo. in 3tf “atef crown.”
S9 Double plumes Det. or Ideo. in šwty “double plumes.”
S10 Headband Phono m. In m “fillet.”
S11 Collar Phono. ws. In ws “collar,” sws “widen.”
S12 Collar of beads Det. or Ideo. in nbw “gold,” “silver.”
S13 Combination of S12 + D58 Phono. nb.
14 Combination of S12 + T3 Ideo. in “silver.”
S14a Combination of S12 + S40 Ideo. in ʿm “electrum.”
S15 Faience pectoral Det. or Ideo. in n “sparkle,” nt “faience.”
S16 Var. of S15 Use as S15.
S17 Var of S15 Use as S15
S18 Bead necklace Det. or Ideo. in mnit “bead necklace.”
S19 Necklace and cylinder seal Ideo. in s3wty “treasurer,” s3w “precious.” Det. or Ideo. in tm “seal.”
S20 Necklace and cylinder seal Ideo. in ḫtm “seal.”
S21 Ring Det. in iwʿw, ʿʿw, sšw “ring.”
S22 Shoulder knot Phono. s. Det. or Ideo. in t3-wr “port.”
S23 Knotted cloth Phono dm. In dm “unite.”
S24 Knotted belt Phono. s. In s “tie, bind.”
S25 Garment with ties Ideo. in iʿ3w “guide.”
S26 Apron Det. or Ideo. in šndyt “apron.”
S27 Horizontal strips of cloth Det. or Ideo. in mnt “clothing.”
S28 Cloth with fringe + S29 Det. in bs “clothing,” 3p “conceal,” kfi “uncover.”
S29 Folded cloth Phono. s. In ʿn.(w) (w)3 snb “may he live, be prosperous, be healthy.” (L.P.H.)
S30 Combination of S29 + I9 Phono. sf. In sf “yesterday.”
S31 Combination of S29 + U1 Phono. sm3. In sm3 “fighting bull.”
S32 Cloth iwht fringe Phono. si3. In si3t “fringed cloth.”
S33 Sandal Ideo. in bt “sandal,” bw “sandal maker.”
S34 Sandal strap Phono. ʿn. In ʿn “live,” ʿn “sandal strap.”
S35 Sunshade Ideo. in šwt “shadow, shade.”
S36 Var. of S35 Use as S35
S37 Fan Det. or Ideo. in w “fan.”
S38 Crook Phono. q3. In q3 “rule,” q3t “scepter.”
S39 Crook Phono ʿwt. In ʿwt “flock.”
S40 Scepter with Seth animal Phono. w3s. In w3sw3s-scepter.” Ideo. in i3tt “milk, cream.”
S41 Scepter with spiral shaft and Seth animal Phono. ʿm. In ʿm “fine gold.”
S42 Scepter Phono. sm. In sm “have power,” sm “scepter.” Det. or Ideo. in rp “manage, at head.”
S43 Staff Phono. md. In mdw “speak.”
S44 Staff with flail Det. or Ideo. in 3ms “staff.”
S45 Flail Det. or Ideo. in n33w “flail.”

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