O. Buildings, Parts of Buildings, etc.

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph


O1 House plan Phono. pr. In pr “house,” pri “go.”
O2 Combination of O1 + T3 Ideo. in pr-ḥ “treasury.”
O3 Combination of O1 + P8 + X3 + W22 Ideo. in prt-rw “invocation offering.”
O4 Reed shelter Phono. h.
O5 Winding wall Phono. nm. In nmi “traverse.”
O6 Plan of rectangular enclosure Ideo. in wt “temple, tomb, enclosure.”
O7 Var of O6 Use as O6.
O8 Combination of O7 + O29 Ideo. in ḥwtʿ3Great temple, enclosure.”
O9 Combination of O7 + O30 Ideo. in nbt-ḥyt “Nephthys.”
O10 Combination of O6 + G5 Ideo. in ḥwt-ḥrw “Hathor.”
O12 Palace with battlements Ideo. in ʿ “palace.”
O13 Enclosure with battlements Det. in sb “enclose,” sbḫt “gateway.”
O14 Var. of O13 Use as O13
O15 Walled enclosure with buttresses + W10 + X1 Ideo. in wsḫt “hall.”
O16 Gateway with serpents Det. or Ideo. in t3yt “curtain,” t3yty “he of the curtain” (vizier title).
O17 Var. of O16 Use as O16
O18 Shrine in profile Det. or Ideo. in k3r “shrine, chapel.”
O19 Shrine in profile with poles Det. in pr-wr “Great House.”
O20 Shrine Det. in itrt “row of sanctuaries,ḫm “shrine.”
O21 Shrine Facade Det. or Ideo. in sḥ-nr “divine shrine.”
O22 Booth supported by pole Det. or Ideo. in s “counsel,” “booth.”
O23 Double platform Ideo. in ḥ3b-sd “Sed Festival.”
O24 Pyramid surrounded by wall Det. in mr “pyramid.”
O25 Obelisk Det. or Ideo. in tn “obelisk.”
O26 Stela Det. or Ideo. in w “stela.”
O27 Hall with columns Det. in ḫ3 “office,” ḫ3wy “night.”
O28 Column with tenon Phono iwn. In iwnw “Heliopolis,” iwn “column.”
O29 Wood column Phono. ʿ3. In ʿ3 “great.”
O29V Vertical wood column Use as O29
O30 Supporting pole Ideo. in snt “support.”
O31 Door Det. in ʿ3 “door,” sn, wn “open.”
O32 Gateway Det. in sb3 “door,” sbḫt “gateway.”
O33 Palace or tomb facade Det. in sr “banner.”
O34 Door bolt Phono. s. In s “bolt.”
O35 Combination of O34 + D54 Phono. s. In sbi “go,”perish,” ms “bring.”
O36 Wall Ideo. in inb “wall.”
O37 Falling wall Det. in whn “overthrow,” gs3 “tilt.”
O38 Corner of wall Ideo. in qnbt “court, corner, magistrates.”
O39 Stone slab Det. in inr “stone,” dbni “deben (weight),” bt “brick.”
O40 Stairway Det. in rwd “stairwaway,” ḫtyw “terrace.”
O41 Double stairway Det. in q3y “high place,” iʿr “ascend.”
O42 Fence Phono. šsp. In šsp “receive.”
O43 Var. of O42 Use as O42
O44 Min emblem Ideo. in i3t “rank, office.”
O45 Domed building Det. or Ideo. in ipt “harim.”
O46 Var. of O45 Use as O45.
O47 Enclosed mound Ideo. in nn “Hierakonpolis.”
O48 Var. of O47 Use as O47
O49 Area with crossroads Ideo. in niwt “town.”
O50 Threshing floor with grain Phono. sp. In sp “occasion, time, event,” sp sn “two times.”
O51 Grain mound on mud floor Det. or Ideo. in šnwt “granary.”

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