G. Birds

Gardiner Number


Description of Glyph


G1 Vulture Phono. 3. In 3 “vulture.’
G2 Two Vultures Phono 33. In m33 “see.”
G3 Combination of G1 + U1 Phono. in m3. In sm3wy “renew.”
G4 Buzzard Phono. tyw.
G5 Falcon Ideo. ḥrw “Horus.”
G6 Falcon with flail De.t in bik “falcon.”
G7 Falcon on standard Det. imn “Amun,” nsw “king,” divine. 1st sing. pro. i, wi, with divine speaker.
G7a Var of G7, Falcon in boat Ideo. nmty “Nemty”
G7b Var of G7, G7a Use as G7a.
G8 Combination of G5 + S12 Ideo. Hr/bik nbw “Golden Horus/falcon.”
G9 Falcon with sun disk Ideo. in rʿ-ḥrw-3ḫty “Re-Horakhty.”
G10 Falcon in sacred bark Det. in skr “Sokar,” ḥnw “Sokar bark.”
G11 Falcon image Det. in ʿšm, ʿm, ʿm “divine image,” šnbt “breast.”
G12 Falcon image with flail Use as G11.
G13 Falcon image with S9 Ideo. rw nḫny “Horus of Hierakonopolis.” Det. in spdw “Sopdu.”
G14 Vulture Phono. mwt, mt. In mwt “mother.”
G15 Vulture with flail Det. in mwt “Mut.”
G16 Nehkbet and Edjo Ideo. in nbty “Two Ladies” (title of Pharaoh)
G17 Owl Phono. m.
G18 Two Owls Phono. mm.
G19 Combination of G17 + D37 Phono. mi, m.
G20 Combination of G17 + D36 Use as G19.
G21 Guinea fowl Phono. nḥ. In nḥ “eternity.”
G22 Hoopoe Phono. ḏb/ḏbt.
G23 Lapwing Det. and Ideo. in ryt “commoners.”
G24 Var. of G23 Use as G23.
G25 Crested Ibis Phono. 3ḫ. In “spirit.”
G26 Sacred ibis on standard Det. in ḥwty “Thoth.”
G26a Sacred ibis Use as G26.
G27 Flamingo Phono. dšr. In dšr “red,” “flamingo.”
G28 Black ibis Phono. gm. In gmi “find.”
G29 Jabiru Phono. b3. In “soul.”
G30 Three jabirus Ideo. in b3w “spirits, strength.”
G31 Heron Det. in šnty “heron.”
G32 Heron on perch Det. or Ideo. in bʿḫi “inundated.”
G33 Egret Det. sd3 “tremble.”
G34 Ostrich Det. in niw “ostrich.”
G35 Cormorant Phono. ʿq. In ʿq “enter.”
G36 Swallow Phono. wr. In wr “great.”
G37 Sparrow Det. in ns “small,” bin “bad.”
G38 Goose Phono. gb. In gb “Geb.” Det. in wf3 “talk,” wsf “idle,” tm “perish.”
G39 Duck Phono. s3. In s3 “son.” Det. in si “duck.”
G40 Duck flying Phono. p3. In p3 “the,” “fly.”
G41 Duck landing Phono. n. In ḫni “alight, halt,” ḫn “speech,” qm3 “throw,” “create.”
G42 Fattened bird Det. and Ideo. in wš3 “fatten,” f3w “provisions.”
G43 Quail chick, var. Z7 Phono. w.
G44 Two quail chicks Phono. ww. In pww “end.”
G45 Combination of G43 + D36 Phono wʿ.In wʿw “soldier.”
G46 Combination of G43 + U1 Phono. m3w.
G47 Duckling Phono. 3. In ṯ3y “male.”
G48 Three ducklings in nest Ideo. in sš “nest.”
G49 Ducks’ heads protruding from pool Det. or Ideo. in sš “nest.”
G50 Two plovers Ideo. for rty washerman.”
G51 Bird pecking fish Det. in 3m “catch fish.”
G52 Goose feeding Det. in snm “feed.”
G53 Human headed bird Ideo. in b3 “soul.”
G54 Plucked bird Phono. snḏ. In sn “fear.”

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