U. Agriculture, Crafts, and Professions

Gardiner Number Hieroglyph Description of Glyph


U1 Sickle Phono. m3. In m33 “see,” 3s “reap.”
U2 Var. of U1 Use as U1.
U3 Combination of U1 + D4 Phono. m3. In m33 “see.”
U4 Combination of U1 + Aa11 Phono. m3ʿ. In m3ʿ “true.”
U5 Var. of U4 Use as U4.
U6 Hoe Phono. mr. In mri “love.”
U7 Var. of U6 Use as U6.
U8 Hoe Phono. n. In n “hoe.”
U9 Grain measure with grain streaming outwards Det. in bdt “emmer,” 3i “measure,” q3t “hekat measure.”
U10 Combination of U9 + M33 Ideo. in it “barley.”
U11 Combination of S38 + U9 Ideo. in q3t “hekat measure.”
U12 Combination of D50 + U9 Ideo. in q3t “hekat measure.”
U13 Plow Phono. šnʿ. In šnʿ “repel.” Phono hb. In hb “plow.”
U14 Two branches joined Phono. šnʿ. In šnʿ “repel.”
U15 Sled Phono. tm. In tm “be complete,” tm “perish.”
U16 Sled with jackal head bearing a load Det. in bi3 “wonder.”
U17 Pick with pool Phono. grg. In grg “establish, snare,” grg “falshood, lie.”
U18 Var. U17 Use as U17.
U19 Adze Phono. nw. In nw “this.”
U20 Var. of U19 Use as U19
U21 Adze with wood block Phono. stp/sp. In stp “choose.”
U22 Chisel Det. in mn “efficient,” mncarve.”
U23 Chisel Phono. mr. In mr “ill,” smr “friend.” Phono. 3b. In 3bi “desire.”
U24 Drill for stone Ideo. in mt “craft, art.”
U25 Var. of U24 Use as U24.
U26 Drill for beads Ideo. in wb3 “open.”
U27 Var. of U26 Use as U26.
U28 Fire drill Phono. 3. In ʿn.(w) (w)3 snb “may he live, be prosperous, be healthy.” (L.P.H.)
U29 Var. of U28 Use as U28.
U30 Kiln Phono. t3. In št3 “hot,” t3 “mysterious.
U31 Baker’s rake Det. or Ideo. in rtty “baker,” rt “restrain.”
U32 Mortar and pestle Det. in smn “press down,” smn “establish.”
U33 Pestle Phono. ti.
U34 Soindle Phono. sf. In sf “repel.”
U35 Combination of U34 + I9 Phono. sf.
U36 Club used in washing Phono. m. In m “slave,” m “Majesty.”
U37 Razor Det. in ʿq “shave.”
U38 Scale Det. or Ideo. in m3t “scale.”
U39 Scale post Det. in wst “post,” ws, si “raise, lift.”
U40 Var. of U39 Use as U39
U41 Plumb bob Det. in t “plumb bob.”

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