Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Preface

m owl hieroglyphThe following could not have been possible without the two Egyptologists who helped me learn this language, Dr. Donald B. Redford and Dr. Nigel Strudwick. Even though I spent countless hours struggling with the language, the more time I spent interacting with the language, the more I began to understand it.

At certain points during your study, you may become overwhelmed. I certainly did; however, anyone who wants to learn this language, can. It takes time. Work slowly through these lessons, and only move on when you completely understand the information presented in the lesson. Repetition is key, so review previous lessons to keep them fresh in your head.

If you put forth effort, you will be able to read Egyptian hieroglyphs. If at anytime you feel stuck or can’t understand a certain idea, feel free to use our forums to ask a question. When I first began learning this language, I flipped through every grammar book I could find until one of them presented the concept in a way I could understand it.

Creating these lessons has helped me reinforce what I have learned about the language. I do not consider myself an expert by any means. However, if you work through these lessons, you will be well-prepared for the more in depth grammars. If you have any feedback, requests, or complaints, email them to [email protected] or visit the community forum. Good luck!

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